Book Title: Sleeps With Knives

Subtitle: Has It Hit You Yet? + a special essay: Earth Tribes at the Millennium

Author: Trace L Hentz

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Book Description: I call my poet self "Sleeps with Knives." I have met sharks and monsters. Has it hit you yet? The news is yelling.

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Naked Jesus?  Oh, hell, I write down everything.

Welcome to the shiny new edition of my deep secret lands of poetry… and of course prose… and a few short memoir pieces from my chapbook “Becoming.”

One of my rules for writing: Don’t repeat yourself.  Excuse me in this volumebecause some of my words are yelled and repeated for effect.

This may sound RATHER funny but I do not consider myself a poet but I string together GOOD WORDS, like hip hop poetry, my own alchemy. In this way the pen (and my keyboard) is my weapon, a form of exorcism or retribution for what really happened.

On many occasions I call my poet self “Sleeps with Knives” because I have met sharks and monsters.

Maybe you met some, too.

There is big danger out there.  We must all learn to navigate better.

…the words/poems are dreams, crispy wisps of truth.

Ever think of humans as part of an experiment? I do.

We’re like elephants on a short chain. Mentally we don’t think we can move.

In this regard, we think small.

I don’t like it that I’m starting to shorten everything I write.

She is a multi-genre author, poet, journalist and activist.  Her work is heavily focused on Native Americans and Native American adoption issues.  She has three unpublished theatrical plays, two fiction manuscripts underway, and an unpublished children’s book series Red Man. In addition Trace (as poet) is thinking about Psycho Playboys as a theme for a new work.


EARLY PRAISE (first edition)

Trace Hentz, the renowned author, editor and poet has done it again!  She’s produced another side of the heavy laden Indian Adoption issue for her readers.  2012’s SLEEPS WITH KNIVES poems (using penname Laramie Harlow), is a ‘tell-all’ collection of chosen “good words,” as so labelled by the poet.  The collection of “good words” episodes was mainly written in 2012 but recalls issues faced through years in the life of Laramie Harlow, who spiritually identifies with this name…  Although it took the poetess years to find her given name it hovered in her shadows, playing a part in a coexistence of two beings where the outer-self watched over the inner-self in a struggle to keep their joint world together. The episodes are reminiscent of Poetry Slams and ‘Spoken Word’ experiences; but more, they are impelling ‘written word’ poems, always available to be read again and again. Harlow’s words are quite explicit as she takes the reader through the roller-coaster life of a Native American adoptee. The collection presents the life and times of Laramie Harlow as Trace (DeMeyer), starting from a place in time when the small pure spirited helpless baby was taken from her birth-mother by callous beings, and placed into a life filled with emptiness. The outcome is in written word! —Dr. Deimel, Austria


Trace L Hentz


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Sleeps With Knives
Trace L Hentz

Native American Prose and Poetry


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SLEEPS WITH KNIVES | Has It Hit You Yet?  by Trace Lara Hentz

(penname Laramie Harlow) (Lakota name: Winyan Ohmanisa Waste La ke)

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Hentz, Trace L [1956- ]

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