I have been processing so long (60+ years) I kinda forget that trauma caused a dis/associative disorder I still haveand I do catch myself pretty fast if I seem to fall into the old mindset.  Does anyone else realize that being adopted by strangers is mind-altering? (Perhaps that is why cruelty and torture has been used for centuries.)

Following my whim, I make folders on my computer for named projects for all the different “me’s” and when it’s time I try and make them into something in a word document.  No judgementI just do it. This works for me:  Follow your WHIM.  Follow whatever the whim  tells youmake art, create something.  Don’t judge yourself.  Yeah, it’s hard. Try harder.


Layers of Time

In 1965, artist Roman Opałka began painting ‘time’ from 1 to infinity.  As he progressed, each canvas was lightened 1%, resulting in purely white-on-white pieces by 2007.  The final number Opałka painted was on August 6, 2011, the day of his death: 5607249.

We are not bad timing… we chose this and we wanted to be here… right now…right here.  We want to see this…

The Hopi have a saying “now is the time, we are the ones we have been waiting for…”  Read it again:  The Hopi have a saying “NOW is the time, WE are the ones we have been waiting for…” Trust Your INTUITION. This is not a mistake. We’re balancing many lifetimes.

A new abnormal: It is still two minutes to midnight

No matter how we use our eyes, we still need to use our hearts to decide everything we do.  Trace Lara Hentz 



Since the election in November 02016 and inauguration of January 20, 02017, we have moved into a new time zone:  the Twilight Zone.

And the Doomsday Clock just moved again in 2018.



There are some Americans who sincerely thought a game show host could run America.  Some voters that I know personally wanted to see things blow up.

I have friends that are literally scared for their lives now.

I think NOW they realize how they were:  Bigly wrong.

Drain the Swamp? Try bulldozing.

I don’t think a narcissistic celebrity has enough knowledge to be the president of anything.


…except Denzel – he can be anything


My FIVE Rules


Rule #1

Raise your vibration
(if it’s TV or any other media or technology or a cell phone, if it feels dark to you, turn it off. NOW, please.)

Rule #2

Learn CODE (or create one)

Rule #3

Opportunity? Do you have this? Do you need this?

Then shoot me an email:  tracelara@protonmail.com

I have one opportunity for you in Oklahoma.

Rule #4

Get involved! Are you a teacher or parent?  Host a screening of the TED talk “How a Handful of Companies Control Billions of Minds Every Day” by Tristan Harris.   https://humanetech.com/get-involved/ HERE

Rule #5

Force yourself

FORCE YOURSELF to feel happy – as in silly goofy crazy happy! Even if you’re not – PRETEND!

Give it 5 minutes each day. Do it for me and for you.

*** (My Brain on tRump)

The internet is one big toothpaste aisle and you and I are toothless.

Bombarded with TMI? FOMO? (read Rule #1)

Does every human being need weapons training?

Is weather weaponized?

Hand-Me-Downs? Somebody’s gotta do serious upcycle on bad ideas.

Baby Steps America? You are now walking backwards.

There are 17 spy agencies doing surveillance now. How many bad guys can there be?

Steal Trump’s oxygen.  Don’t watch him on TV.

Put a chimp in every press seat at the White House briefing.  See what happens.


  1. Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock


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