New York New York


When I was 23, I moved from Washington State to New York City to get into show business.  My college classmate BJ’s mom was an agent for actors and singers. I wrote Shirley and asked if could live with them in Queens until I got settled and employed as an actress-model-singer. She said, “Yes!”

For fast money I was employed by Elaine Newman’s Model’s Service and modeled shoes, sweaters and jeans.  Back then earning $100 a day was like a million bucks… well to me anyway. (And I was able to buy clothes at a greatly reduced price.)

Soon I was working at the Kona Tiki as a hostess (in the Sheraton Hotel, 163 W. 52nd St) when I met singer-actor-model Daniel Drake who was also a healer-reflexologist.  Dan explained about mystics like Edgar Cayce and over time he took me to some of the best bookstores in Manhattan.  I read every single book by or written about Edgar Cayce over the years.

At the Kona Tiki, I worked for Cynthia Kipness who was daughter of Broadway producer “Famous” Joe Kipness who had his own restaurant Old Joe’s Pier 52 across the street.  My agent Shirley kept me busy working for her, delivering contracts, driving her around, auditioning and singing.  Cynthia was Shirley’s friend.  That’s how I got the very cool job and met some very high-powered people. I went on a date with comedian Dick Capri who introduced me to Rodney Dangerfield!  I went with Dick to the infamous Friar’s Club.  I sang acapella “The Way We Were” at a famous French restaurant.  I had an agent Stanley Flato who said I should be on the big screenhe tried to place me with a band from BrazilJose Ferrer and the Highlights who did USO tours.

All this changed me.  New York City has its own power like a vortex.  I was lucky to get an agent but in the process I had make-believe friends who wanted Shirley to be their agent, too.  It was like a war was going on between actors.  Not nice.  I celebrated my 24th birthday with Dan.  By late November, I was on the Greyhound back to the midwest.  Let’s just say, I met scary people, too.

BUT WAIT! My mind was opened.  That is a good age to start questioning what you know, or think you know.

Theory, ideas, spirituality, etc. are just that:  theory. 


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