YOU had One Chance

Let me ask you

Did your granddad fight in the Civil War?

Or your great-great granddad?

Do you even know?

Of course not.

How many slaves did he own?

Where do your people come from – North, South, East, West?

Were your ancestors immigrants and from where?

And you should know who they fought and what they fought for but

Your parents were too busy raising you apparently and too tired while trying to make money.


You had one chance

During the school years

To get shit straight

Wait, what did you get in your history class?

Watered-down slavery

No mention of the 1000 Indian Wars

Or maybe dead (invisible) Indians

How America is the greatest?

The greatest what?

What a crock of the perfect mess.


We can all thank Big Publishing Houses

Who still print big expensive history books that no one reads

Except other Professors

Who know their system is working

to perpetuate crimes against humanity and injustice and racism

Always failing People-of-Color on paper and in person

Denying what really happened (and is still happening)

The theft



Is still hidden history

That we cannot afford to read


“Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.”



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